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"Remove URL's Containing" List for Broken Link Building & Filtering Excel Question

I wanted to share a file I started that can be used to filter results for broken link building lists. I'm attempting to block social media, big box news sites, video sites, other known no-follow sites. Also, I was hoping that maybe someone else had already started a similar list where we could share domains and combine the lists, or if anyone has a suggestion on how one could better accomplish this that would be super helpful.

Additionally, is there a way to apply a list such as this to the excel file thats exported from scrapebox's broken link checker without deleting each domain one-by-one using a blank search replace? Is there a way I could use scrapebox to filter the urls in this list while keeping its format integrity? Suggestions?

Looking forward to any ideas!

Here's the file. Anyone can edit it, organize it, and add to it.

Thank you!

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