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Removing popups in slow poster.
Hi guys! Need help. I have tried all and everything in IE options to prevent this crappy pop-ups while commenting in Slow Poster mode. After tweaking most of pop-ups are disappeared but for example on such site as http://jvpressreview.net/how-to-get-your...-approved/ i have a permanent pop up after trying to comment ("Are you sure you want to leave this page").

Could someone try to post to this blog via Slow Poster and send me Internet Explorer preferences for avoiding such annoying pop up...

Thank's in advance!

any suggestions?? huh?

*less than 25 characters.... *
I have the same problem. I've found suggested solutions to the problem for people running IE7Pro where you can put a script into the UserScript file to block the onbeforeunload script from the offending site.
Info can be found here. http://javascript.about.com/library/blexitblock.htm

however I use IE9 and Firefox and there is not Add-on to block it that i've found. I have passed the question on to several programming buddies and I'm waiting to see if they can tell me how to stop that annoying "Nag Box" from loading. Every time that window comes up asking Do you Want to Stay on this Page, Leave this Page or Stay on this Page, it freezes SB until I press Leave this page.
It doesn't happen in Fast Poster mode, only Slow Poster mode and is very annoying especially if I set it to post over-night.
Forget my last answer as I just discoverd SB Learning Mode / Poster Beta which is an ADD-ON.

the Learning Mode poster uses sockets like the fast poster does and therefore there is no problem with "any" pop-ups or Nag windows of any kind.
The Slow Poster in ScrapeBox uses IE rendering engine, therefore you get those annoying windows.

Video and info here..... http://www.scrapebox.com/learning-mode
In the latest update of SB, this problem is fixed. When using Slow Poster now, there are no windows popping up that pause the program anymore. No more Stay on this Page or Leave this Page windows.

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