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SB Suggestion - Blog Analyzer addon
Hey Scrapeboxer users, just a suggestion for the software after using it for a few days now, its a great piece of software.
I am analyzing heaps with the Blog Analyzer addon, I am using free proxies for this function and have 11 private proxies for just posting.

Now the problem is analyzing lists well over 20,000 in urls, I find that the proxies eventually fail and burn out and so on and so forth.
Splitting the link files to around 2000 works, however it takes so long and you have to stick around the computer as well as add and filter captcha and good blogs.

I was thinking in regards to the proxies burning out on bigger lists i am suggesting that the Blog Analyzer add on has a proxy refresh button to renew and harvest fresh new proxies into scrapebox on the fly and temporarily pausing the Blog Analyzer process, then resuming the process once the proxies are harvested.

I hope this helps and springs a few ideas, im not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination.

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