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Scrape 1 million urls per minute from google using Scrapebox 2.0
This video shows Scrapebox 2.0 in action scraping in excess of 1 million urls per minute from google. Sheer raw power in action.

More Scrapebox 2.0 videos:

Playlist for the entire Getting Started with Scrapebox 2.0 for Link Building Playlist:

Can we get the upgrade free?
Yes. It actually came out as a final version yesterday, officially launched Scrapebox V2.0 So yes just upgrade, its free.

Although the service I used in the video is now closed down, but that person is supposed to be making another one similar, but it might be a few weeks before its out. In the mean time you could try proxy rack, but I have no idea how it will perform.
Thanks Loopline,
Always a big fan of your work.

Correct me if Im wrong but I understood that are two important factors to get hi speed harvesting, good and numerous proxies and a great list of keywords.

About keywords list:
How many sites per keyword are a great number? As a results of my harvesting I got something around 10 and 120 websites/keyword.

About proxies:
I tried several proxy services, but always shared proxies (3 users tops) and cant get more than 1000 urls/s.
For me in Brazil problem in get private proxies is pricing, because dollar now is 4 to 1 our local currency. So a U$ 100 service became U$400 service. Its crazy. And cant find a local proxy provider, I think it does not exists for now.
I read about Proxy Bandit and its great changing of IP and Ports, but apparently this site is not online anymore.
Is there any affordable recomendation about proxy services?
it varies. You can get up to 1000 per keyword, but it just depends on the keyword. But your issue could be proxy related and not just keyword releated.

I don't have any great proxy provider recommendations. At the end of the day 1000 urls a second is very fast, if you can maintain that then you can scrape millions of urls per day. So do you "need" to go faster then that, is the real question.
The quality of videos are poor.
In what way? They are recorded in 1080 HD, the audio is clear, and the message of the videos is thorough.

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