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Scrape box scrape text? and create unique readable articles...
Hello, I know that scrape box can scrape blog comments but is there any way i can get scrape box to actually scrape text from url?

It would be a REALLY USEFULL feature for scrape box to be able to scrape text either from the top,, middle or bottom of text on a webpage so it can be put all in one text file for content to be posted on article websites...

Or even just sentence scraping would be useful scraping sentences from websites and merging and combing them to create articles would be very good! Sentences would be to small to be considered duplicate content as the english language is full of phrases plus with a spin on 1 or two of the words on that sentence you will have a unique and grammatically correct sentence. Google doesn't know that articles dont make sense as long as they are grammatically correct its fine.

ANyway by scraping intro sentences middle parts of sentences and conclusions to articles you would be able to get a structured unique article.

Plus here is another interesting thing finding question sentences that end in ? and scraping from another url answers by which would be sentences that would be after sentences ending with ?

Or is this already possible with scrape box?

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