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Scrapebox 2.0 - Teaser and basic overview
This is a teaser and basic overview video (albeit of an early version of 2.0, which has dramatically changed since then, but all new additions and improvements).

If you are using a 1.x version of Scrapebox now, this video will give you a tip of the iceberg view of what Scrapebox 2.0 can do and how it is different.

Also see my many other Scrapebox 2.0 guides here:

Hi loopline, just wondering if you will be reshooting the custom footprint and harvesting for V2 as im watching the older videos but getting slightly confused as to how i'm harvesting for blogs.

I have tried using the custom footprints found on forums but its not working. thought it maybe the proxies so I tried harvest 10 results without a proxy and still no result.
Footprints work exactly the same in V1 as in V2. So google and the other engines see Scrapebox as a browser. So go to or whatever engine you are using, in a browser and enter your query. You will get the same results in Scrapebox as in a browser, so its possible your queries have no results, Ive seen it way more times then you might think, so use the browser as your test and to understand what your getting.

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