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Scrapebox Check Index reliability
So far I have had a horrible time with Scrapebox Index Checker. I'm talking about the option to identify if a certain link is indexed by G.

I'm running 50 semi-proxies on 50 connections, but even with 10 connections I start receiving "Blocked IP" after some ~10 identifications.

I have tried different settings configurations with not a substantial change.

Have you experienced this issue, are you able to work with the SB Index Checker? or do you use a different tool for this task.

P.S.: in case you don't know, even though indexed backlinks are not 100% required to get your sites ranked higher, an indexed link has more value that a non-indexed (but crawled) backlink.

Share your thoughts.

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Scrapebox Check Index reliability - by nativebuddy - 05-12-2015, 10:39 AM

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