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ScrapeBox feature suggestions
I have been using ScrapeBox for a few weeks now and have some suggestions.. actually I do not even know who this post is directed toward, I just saw it as a category and decided to use it to vent my thoughts. Maybe these options are already available and I have not found them yet..? I am using version

It needs some sort of help system. When I pull down the Help tab, it should provide HELP. It took me way to long to figure stuff out by playing with the settings and watching videos. I shouldn't have to constantly search on the internet to try and figure out why something is not working.

I am a big copy and paste person. I get that after a long harvest session, having the results backed up into a text file is a good idea. But what I would rather do is press CTRL+A to select everything in the harvest box (for example) and then press CTRL+C to copy it all. Then I could press in the Comment Poster box and paste it. I would rather do this than to fumble with right-clicking and using pull-down tabs. But most of all, I would like to avoid loading any file whenever possible.

Which brings me to my next point: the right-click menu. I like all the options, but all the options together make it hard to find what I want. I think even some simple coloring could go a long way so that I could spot options easily. For example, "paste/replace from clipboard (replace current list)" and "paste/add from clipboard (append to existing list)" confuses me every time. Not because of what they say or what they do, but because the two are right next to each other and I have to read them each carefully to make sure I do not choose the wrong option.

Where it says remove/filter, it really needs an option to remove urls that are just root domains. When I harvest urls that I want to comment on and I see domains with no paths, it is extremely unlikely that I am going to want to comment on a site's opening page.

It would be nice too if it were possible for the user blacklist to be applied automatically after harvesting.

This actually works very well, but I have one grievance. Sometimes I forget to choose "Save all to ScrapeBox Proxy List". I just press close and lose everything I did! One I re-open the proxy manager, it is blank. So it would be great if the close button could have a pop-up box warning me that my proxy list is blank and that I am about to make a bad decision.

I would like an option to remove all non-successful entries fro the list, rather being forced to export and then reload them. A lot of the non-successful entries work for me on the second try.

While the fast poster is going, it would be a nice feature if the list could scroll down automatically and follow the list and the pages are loading so I could see the progress.

On the DATA LISTS, I would like it to remember the last list I had used.

I get that addons are independently made but the following things still bother me. What I hate about most of the addons is that rather than being able to send the results back to the Harvested box, I have to save it to an Excel file or something. So now I have to make a file, wait for excel to open it, copy the url row, switch back to Harvested, paste the contents, then delete the excel file. This is a lot of wasted time where a simple "copy urls to clipboard" button would streamline everything a lot better.

Another thing is that in some addons I am unable to sort rows. And again, I am unable to copy and paste. For example, if I use the Scrapebox Page Authority addon, obviously I am only going to be interested in the results with the best PA. So what I would like to do on the fly is sort them (which I might be able to do in this addon, I forget) and then copy and paste the ones I need. Then I could switch back to the harvest list and just paste it. Instead, I have to save it as an excel file and all that jazz.

Sorry about the long post. Does anyone else have the same feelings about any of this?

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