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Scrapebox & Gscraper [ Scrapebox Harvesting Low ]
I enter the same footprints on Scrapebox as I do on Gscraper and, Scrapebox seems to find 2% of what GSCRAPER (TRIAL) finds. What is this problem?
Well there could be many issues, as Scrapebox can harvest exponentially faster then gscraper. So it could be the proxies, it could be that your using an old version, it could be the settings, it could be all kinds of things.

Last I heard gscraper was broken, so not sure if it works correctly, but thats neither here nor there.

So make sure you are using the latest version. What kind of proxies are you using and with how many connections?

What engines are you scraping from?

Try using deeperweb as well, its google powered, but has its own ip bans. There are of course 20+ other engines you can use as well in Scrapebox.

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