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Scrapebox List 2020 - Quality Scrapebox Auto Approve List-175k auto approve blog list
January list update. Check out first post
Updated: June, 2020 -Scrapebox List- is Authority Scrapebox Package #155 - Over 270k Auto Approve Links-AA urls,High PR low OBL
25 February list update. Check out first post
Just purchased. Looking forward to having a play Smile

Update 11 May. Check first post.
Update June 24, please check first post.
Cloudways Black Friday


Check first post for more details.
List Updated April 04, 2018

Check first post for more details.
Updated October 15, 2018

Check first post for more details.

Btw guys, I’m focusing more on my subscribers and I don’t always put all the lists on the site. Who is subscribed to my email list already knew I’m not sending any kind of spam. So I recommend you subscribing to be notified on all the lists I build and to get your 40% off coupon as well.
Updated: June, 2020 -Scrapebox List- is Authority Scrapebox Package #155 - Over 270k Auto Approve Links-AA urls,High PR low OBL
(09-03-2013, 10:16 PM)alaltaieri Wrote:
LIST UPDATED: October, 15 2018

Scrapebox List
Almost 170.000 links. Download the best scrapebox auto approve list and get high success rate.

Is the #138 Edition of Authority Scrapebox Package and I want to present you a Strong
Auto Approve List for 2018.

That’s for sure one of the biggest auto approve list that I launched in the last year and for sure the biggest list of AA blogs available on the market at this moment.

Over 172.000 AA Links, over 3200 Dofollow and about 1500 edu&gov AA

Here is Authority Scrapebox Package#138
(launched on October, 15 2018)

172623 Auto Approve Links from 8816 Unique Domains
3225 Dofollow Only Auto Approve Links
1657 Edu&Eduxx Auto Approve Links
150 Gov&Govxx Auto Approve Links

High PR Auto Approve Links(Page PR)

Google PR no longer available.

Regular price for this auto approve list is $49.

However you can get 40% discount if you subscribe free on my site.

After subscription you will receive an email with download link and
promo code for 40% discount from regular price.

If you will receive the message "this product is not available anymore that means
Authority Scrapebox Package #138 is already SOLD OUT.


Who am I?

Hi there.

I'm Alaltaieri and I'm providing scrapebox auto approve lists for over 5 years.

You can find me on several IM forums. This scrapebox lists are made semi-automatic, using only scrapebox, five VPS servers and a lot of private proxies.

I will description every time I launch a new scrapebox list. Also, here is the place where you can buy my latest auto approve blog lists:

Why don't I use a bot so I can offer daily scrapebox lists, like other providers ?

Well, that's because I want to maintain quality for my auto approve lists. I harvest new domains every day and I ALWAYS compare the new auto approve links with the old ones. That means more fresh domains and less spammed links. You will not duplicate in any of my previous scrapebox list(and trust me, I sold plenty of lists in 3 years).

After the Auto Approve list is ready, I check for dofollow auto approve and High PR auto approve links. And there are plenty of them every time.

Also, beside other providers that are offer 5 in 1 packs with other lists(wikis,etc), I'm focusing in scrapebox lists only. Posting, saving, re-posting, checking links for found entries etc

In this way I can offer you fresh auto approve blog lists that can be used with great success for tiers, for indexing purposes and for churn and burn strategies.

How many scrapebox lists do you launch every month ?

Usually I'm launching 2 private scrapebox list every month and some private auto approve lists for subscribers only.

Also I offer 40% discount for all my Auto Approve Lists for people who subscribe to my email list.

How large are the scrapebox aa lists?

About 120k - 200k links from 4k-5k different domains for every list that I launch.

Success Rate?

Buying my scrapebox auto approve lists you will get about 80% success rate.


Price for a scrapebox is $49. But you can get it at only $29 if you subscribe to my list. That's 40% discount.

How many global copies?

I'm selling limited copies in order to maintain the quality of the aa lists. That means 15 copies for every scrapebox list.

Not sure if you want to buy?
Here are some reviews from Blackhatworld forum

[Image: JIfYKgE.png]

Best scrapebox auto approve lists in town. Click here and check out what is my latest scrapebox auto approve list from 2018

Hey! I can´t suscribe on your site Sad
List Updated March 11, 2019

Check first post for more details.
Updated: June, 2020 -Scrapebox List- is Authority Scrapebox Package #155 - Over 270k Auto Approve Links-AA urls,High PR low OBL
Cloudways Black Friday

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