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Scrapebox Lists - Auto-Approve Trackback List #1
Auto-Approve Trackback List #1

86,406 Unique URLs from 7458 Unique Domains

Page Rank from N/A through to 6

PR6 - 1
PR5 - 8
PR4 - 68
PR3 - 407
PR2 - 1043
PR1 - 2394
PR0 - 2578

This list has great domain diversity relative to its size, and will be good to use for tier 1 and tier 2 linkbuilding campaigns.

The list is tested and confirmed as auto approved trackback URLs
Approximately 10% of the list have outbound links lower than 50
Approximately 2% of the list are do-follow URLs
Average success after first blast is in excess of 85%

How to get best success rate with using this list in Scrapebox?

Use private proxies where possible (suggested minimum is 10)
Set Send Trackbacks to 10 (Settings -> Adjust Maximum Connections)
Set Fast Poster Timeout to 90 seconds (Settings -> Adjust Timeout Settings)
After posting, run the whole list through the link checker at least 3 times.

Maximum Global Copies Sold: 30

Price: $20*

*use discount code sbforum at checkout

List Sold Out

Payments secured via PayPal. Instant download after purchase.
There are 2 review copies available for FREE - just enter the discount code "sbfreview"

These are going on a first come first served basis.

Please post your review in this thread once you have had a chance to test the list.
Both review copies have been taken Smile
Running it through SB right now, so far it's looking good! Will post review after completion.
list sold out - new list coming soon Smile
Please note; this is specifically for copywriting, not content writing; so no articles or blog posts.
Think copy for online sales pages, press releases, brochures, website landing pages; anything along those lines.
If this sounds interesting, please PM with some details of the kind of copy you need, a link to your website and any other info you think I might need to get the ball rolling.

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