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ScrapeBox Proxies
[Image: scrapebox_proxies.png]

I have used many different proxy services and have always been somewhat dis-satisfied with all for one reason or another - either they sold me as private and I came to find out they were not - or they were slow - or they were from overseas - or I wasn't really invisible... the list goes on.

But NOW!

I have found what I think to be one of the best proxy services on the internet when it comes to Scrapebox. I have used their services for over 3 months now and I have had zero issues!

So if you are tired of using the "free", "slow" & "dead in 5 minutes" proxies, that's cool, I did the free built in shared ones within scrapebox for a while - but if you want some blazing fast US based proxies that just keep kicking ass and blasting...

Buy Here
And don't forget to use the promo code "SEOGAWD" for an extra 20% off "lifetime discount"

Best Features of this service to me:
  • Easy to Use - Just copy and paste the IP's
  • Share amoung Friends - Friends can share, you just specify their IP
  • Simple Control Panel
  • Customer Service - I have not had any problems so I decided to submit a stupid question ticket to see haw fast they responded, it took them 2 hours [B](on a Sunday).

After you purchase you will be sent a link your control panel.

I can honestly say is that for the $19mo (after discount) for just (10) ten private proxies, they beat the crap outta 500+- free "shared" and most other private and shared proxy services by far!!! I have used many different services and there is really no close second to this service.

Here is a screenshot of my proxy test - see for yourself!

[Image: proxy-test.jpg]

I don't mind reviewing a product for someone and I don't mind paying for what I get! If you have a product or service that you would like me to review just PM me and I'll take a look at it! But be warned, whether I pay for it or whether you give it to me for review - I will give you an un-biased review!
I recently purchased 10 proxies with that promo code. Very nice speed and good technical support.
Oooooh... Seogawd, you're still alive?
Have a look at your emails...

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