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Scrapebox V2 Won't Scrape my Whole List
Hey guys,
I am using the 64 bit of scrapebox V2. I have 20 shared proxies from buyproxies.
I'm trying to scrape up a list of about 1,000 footprints. I'm using all sorts of advanced search modifiers (intitle, inurl, etc). I am searching in Google.

Scrapebox seems to get through the first part of the list alright, then will stop working as (I assume) i burn my proxies out. The last 70% of my list will not be searched at all

How do i manage Scrapebox so that it can scrape queries like this and give me the most possible results?

Do i need to slow the harvester down? How do i do this in V2?
Do i need more proxies?
Do i need private proxies?

Any advice would be very much appreciated,

thanks guys.

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Scrapebox V2 Won't Scrape my Whole List - by TacoLoco - 12-02-2015, 07:31 AM

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