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Scrapebox V2 Won't Scrape my Whole List
Hey guys,
I am using the 64 bit of scrapebox V2. I have 20 shared proxies from buyproxies.
I'm trying to scrape up a list of about 1,000 footprints. I'm using all sorts of advanced search modifiers (intitle, inurl, etc). I am searching in Google.

Scrapebox seems to get through the first part of the list alright, then will stop working as (I assume) i burn my proxies out. The last 70% of my list will not be searched at all

How do i manage Scrapebox so that it can scrape queries like this and give me the most possible results?

Do i need to slow the harvester down? How do i do this in V2?
Do i need more proxies?
Do i need private proxies?

Any advice would be very much appreciated,

thanks guys.
I am still new to the program but I think to slow it down, you go to Settings, Harvester Engines Configuration, press on Google, set the delay to 30 (or something) .

I have noticed too that if you use one of the built-in footprints, Google catches on really quickly. For example, if I test this out in my regular browser:

"powered by wordpress"+"leave a reply" "kittens"

Within a minute of navigating search results, google asks me for a captcha. So I think that is what is stopping it.
OK great, thanks for the feedback. I'll try slowing it down using this function.
I've noticed the same thing with the advanced search modifiers - i generally run into a captcha on Google pretty quickly.

Does anyone know if there any way around this?

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