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Scraping Bing without proxies

I could use some advise...

I want to talk about the feasibility of scraping bing without proxies. I've honestly never been able to get a hang of using the proxy scraper, and I can't justify $10/m for shared proxies, but deathbycaptcha, on the other hand, is super affordable. So wouldn't it be more cost-effective to simply have deathbycaptcha solve a couple of captchas if & when they pop up, then to buy proxies....especially for someone like me who is not doing this every month?

With a set up like this, what would be an acceptable delay setting for scaping bing? Or are proxies an absolute must? I mean...I can call up bing from my browser and download a serp manually without issues so surely it must be possible to use scrapebox on bing without proxies right? Or can bing tell that I'm using software?

bing is pretty lenient and worst case they will probably unban your ip in 48 hours.

So just try whatever you think is reasonable without proxies and when you get blocked you know thats how much you can harvest and if your happy great if not just use the detailed harvester and add a delay.

When you have to solve captchas it quickly goes to every query so you would easily spend more then $10 a month in death by captcha charges. That or your not doing enough scraping to have to worry about ip bans in the first place.

All of that is mute though, because scrapebox doesn't solve captchas for scraping, and it can't. They tried it and it created more problems then it solved so they removed it. So it can only solve captchas for posting.

So you either have to figure out the ratio on scraping with your ip and a delay or get proxies paid or free.

Scrapebox has included cloud proxies that are a bonus and cost nothing, they won't work with google, but you could try them with bing.
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I finally realized what you meant in your videos by "included proxies." I thought you where referring to the proxy scraper, but I've since discovered the cloud proxies and they are working just fine for me. Thank you!

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