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Scraping Manta Results
Hello everyone, first post here.

I'm relatively new to SB and am having trouble with Manta results. It seems like I cannot extract any data from Manta.

I have tried changing the user agent and adding/disabling private proxies.

Has anyone had success scraping manta in 2021 with SB?

I haven't used it, but are you getting some kind of error or ?

Can you use manta in your browser, if you turn off javascript?
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  • jim
yes, it works on firefox with js disabled.

does scrapebox have a built-in browser that i can test to see what the page displays?
Yes, the socket tool addon. its a free addon that comes with scrapebox.
(01-30-2021, 11:25 PM)loopline Wrote: I haven't used it, but are you getting some kind of error or ?

Not an error- just 0 results from custom grabbers/included grabbers on matches
Scrapebox is only looking at the code it sees. So if you use the socket tool addon to load a page your trying to grab something from, then you will see what scrapebox sees.

So if there is no matches then scrapebox can not see the code, so maybe its loaded via frame, or javascritp or perhaps its encoded etc... So you won't really know till you see the code scrapebox sees and you can adjust course from there.

thanks for the info on the socket tool.

looks like manta is utilizing cloudfare, which explains a lot.

i will do some searching and see if this is bypassable

edit: using google cache seems to be a good workaround
Good deal, glad you found a work around!

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