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Scraping Proxies - 30.000 Google Passed Proxies EVERY DAY - Starting at 6.95/month
Hi there,
we're ProxyLink and the last couple of months we've been establishing our Scraping Proxy Service. Until now we were Alpha testing our services and only provided proxies to very select members.
Our Alpha testing phase is now completed successfully and we're confident enough to publicly present our services.

Our Services:
  • Google passed Scraping Proxies
  • More than 10,000 Proxies per Update (usually it's 15,000 - 20,000)
  • Up to 2 Updates a day
  • Supported Tools: Scrapebox, GScraper, GSA SER, SEnukeXCr, MagicSubmitter & many more


ProxyLink Package 1 - - 6.95$ / month
- 1 Update per day

ProxyLink Package 2 - - 9.95$ / month
- 2 Updates per day

Q: How will I receive my proxy updates?
A: You can choose whether you want them sent to you via email or via Skype.

Q: Why are your prices so cheap? Are your proxies of bad quality?
A: No, absolutely not. The reason for this is that we're in public testing phase right now and therefore it'd make no sense in our opinion to charge you full prices. But prices will rise in the near future, once public testing has finished.

Q: Where do your proxies come from?
A: The proxies we provide come from various sources. Our main source is port scanning, though.

Q: Will all your Proxies pass Google, Bing & Co.?
A: We can't guarantee a 100% success rate, but the average of Google passed Proxies is around 80-85%. It's even higher for Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Do you provide free trials?
A: No, we don't. Our pricing already is very low for what you get which leaves with you with very small risk.

Contact Us
If we've piqued your interest (and we're sure we did) then please contact us for further information.

E-Mail: [email protected]

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