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Social Signal Count Checker

Blackhatlinks.com released the first complete Social Signal Count Checker.

It includes all Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Reddit.

Take a look here:
[Image: Blackhatlinks.com_-_Free_Social_Signals_....41.29.png]

You can find the Social Share Checker here:http://www.blackhatlinks.com/social_medi...hecker.php.

This is ok, although scrapebox has this as an addon. It doesn't do a couple of these less popular ones, but you can load in 100K urls and have lunch and come back to results.
yeah, but if you are on the way and don't have your scrapebox on your laptop....i got scrapebox on my working machine at home...and when i am not at home and just got my notebook with me it is a good alternative.

Although I run Scrapebox on servers so I can get them from any pc, and I routinely run them from my ipad, which is ultra convenient when Im out. Also I use team viewer which is free and I can get my home pc when Im not there, I also use this on the ipad.
Scrapebox's checker is infinitely better. Like Loopline said it has bulk checking, and you can access it remotely by using a remote desktop connection (RDP) or screen share like VNC or team viewer.

If you're really in a pinch you can try one of the many social signal checkers out there.
I love it only you cant see the links :-( It would be very nice if you can se the facebook post or something.

Im new to the forum and just got scrapebox a few weeks back.

First of all just want to thank loopline for his videos. They are pretty in depth and intense and I think ive viewed a lot of them numerous times but still only know a small % of what scrape box can do.

I was playing about with the social checker to get some results but testing them out and comparing it with other systems when i got the results, it was hugely different... not sure what to make of it?

For example, i checked this site mindbodyonline.com:

Their stats came back as
FB - 5952
G+ - 0
Twitter - 201

I checked on their home page/social page manually and they have:
FB - 158k likes
G+ - 4,420 followers
Twitter - 6200+ tweets

I also compared this to SEO site tools extension for google chrome which showed:
FB - 889
G+ - 4900+
Tw - 590+

Just wondering why the results vary so much (are they counting different aspects?) and also which info should i rely on?


They are most likely counting different aspects. Scrapebox uses standard urls that these social services provide to get the counts. I guess it ultimately depends on what it is your looking for on which data to use.
New Website Design launched !

Come over and have a look at our new stunning Social Signal Checker DESIGN !

We also updated all APIs to work with the latest changes from Social Media Sites...

[Image: T5m54pO.png]

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