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SocksHub.net-400,000+ Private Rotating Proxies for managing and scaling your projects
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Hello Everyone

Since we released our new platform, more than 4000 peoples join beta testing.
Part of them already start to be our clients and partners. With your help we fixed several critical bugs and heard a lot of comments.
So we have future plans and know things that we can improve to make your work more comfortable.
Good point that we see your positive feedback about result of our work, and that’s what make us think “That we are on a right rout”.
For that we want to say you big "Thank you!" and give you little rewards.
Everyone who had subscriptions on the moment of 1st of March - have increased membership type in loyalty system.
So now all of you who helped us would have 10% discount lifetime.

Today we would like to tell you little bit more about that Membership type, and what its give for you:
We have 4 types of accounts, each of them gives different discounts and referral percents:

Tester - Discount 0%, Referrals 10%
Member - Discount 10%, Referrals 10%
Expert - Discount 15%, Referrals 20%
SH Special - Discount 30%, Referrals 20%

About how you can get Membership Type Increase - ask our supports and they would gladly tell you that.
Always at your service.

Bonus: We decide to open our official Telegram Channel where you would be able to learn about
Latest news, Special Offers, and package's discount.
All who would join our Telegram Channel till end of March would get Membership type increase.

It One and Only channel, that we own. Beware of scammers.

Good luck with your projects, and enjoy your day.
[Image: news-contact.png]

Skype: live:SocksHub.net
Jabber: [email protected]
Telegram: @SocksHub
Icq: 711758324
QQ: 2323218446

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