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Suggested Captcha Service?
Just bought SB today and am wondering which captcha service you recommend?

I'll be using the service for SB and Xrumer.
im usin' decaptcher.com, but sometimes my SB has a problem with conection with my account and i have ERR til i restart SB
decaptcher.com is OK: about 95%...
I agree. Here's a free CAPTCHA service that uses pictures instead of the warped and distorted words: http://demo.confidenttechnologies.com/captcha/

It would be great to have that as an option as well copid.
Hello guys...!
many people already suggested this, but I just think it might be a good idea to add more CAPTCHA options. like, give users a choice of captcha's, and be able to upload more captcha's, maybe include recaptcha.
You can try AdsCaptcha. It combines ads with the captcha, so you actually make money from it.
You can find it here: http://www.adscaptcha.com
you can order the captcha service form depcathar.com
deathbycaptcha.com is better than decapture
A good link exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(06-29-2011, 09:34 AM)Scrapebox.XRumer Wrote: deathbycaptcha.com is better than decapture

thumbs up for deahbycaptua..
i have used this about 2 years back Smile it was good yo use..
Hi guys.. I don't know fully about this so please send more informations to me..

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