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Tips for success
So use fast posting for wordpress.
Set your fast post connection lower than the timeout seconds.
For example Im on a cable connection of 1.5MBS
I set my fast post connection between 40-50
I set me timeout for the fast posting at 55 seconds
Ever since I have lowered my connections and increased the timeout scrapebox has posted 3x's as many posts then when I was trying for speed. (previously I had it at 100 for fast posting)

My last posting results:
54000 blogs
6200 posted
440 links confirmed

Now you dont have to waste time slow posting for WP and MT unless you choose to do so.

You will also notice a big improvement for moveable type too.
Does anybody else have any problems with being put into the askimet spam filter at all? Any tips to avoid?
great tip thanks
i would have probably just jacked up for max speed and never thought of this

so u scraped 54k wp blogs and got 6.2k to actually post a is the 440 autoapproved instant links, or did u have to wait for approval for those

furthermore, do those 6.2k posted comments(assuming thats what they are)waiting approval by admin?
wow i am going to put that to the test! i usually scrape about 120k
(05-01-2010, 05:17 AM)globalads Wrote: My last posting results:
54000 blogs
6200 posted
440 links confirmed

Now you dont have to waste time slow posting for WP and MT unless you choose to do so.

You will also notice a big improvement for moveable type too.

Could You make screen of your settings?
Guys i have some tips for your success

1) Try to get eight hours of sleep every night. It's very tempting for students to stay up until all hours of the night. No one else is going to bed, your parents aren't telling you to go to bed, and you think you can hack it. Well--you can't. I ran on four hours of sleep per night my first year. It sucked. Classes were harder, homework was harder, etc. With sleep you'll have the energy to actively learn, do your homework, and get everything done, and faster.

2) Beware of the college stereotypes. Freshmen arrive for their first semester with all sorts of ideas about how things are supposed to work. They think they've got to read and outline every single chapter of the textbook, or read the textbook before class and freak out. Just hold off on that and see what the prof says. Wait and see what the class requirements are, etc before you start deciding how you're going to study for the class. Each class is different and you'll need to approach it in a special way to get your A.

Also, you'll notice that Freshman immediately start organizing "study groups" because they've heard all about them. Before you get involved with that, sit down and figure out whether you even need a study group. They work for some people, but for me, they're worse than useless. If you do go to study groups, you need to understand what they'll be talking about BEFORE you go, because lots of people in the groups will be wrong. For me, study groups are better for reinforcing what you already know rather than learning it.

3) On the flip side, TA Reviews are important. You should go to at least the first TA review offered for each class. Some of them are useless if you have better ways to study, but others will prepare you for the test VERY WELL.

4) When you get graded tests back, make sure you understand WHY you missed each and every question. This will help you not make the mistake again, AND will help you catch mistakes the professor or TA made when grading your test.

5) On tests, read the the instructions and every word on the page carefully. Don't accidentally miss the back side of the test or something like that. Write neatly, write your full name, etc etc.

6) Keep in mind that it is possible to write your five page paper in one night. However, it won't be a very good five page paper.

7) Print out a calendar, get out your class syllabuses, and write the due date of major assignments and tests on it.

8) My last rule--figure out what works for you in every situation and then do it. If you find yourself struggling, analyze the problem, and do what you need to fix it.

Hope this helps you .
Hello guys...!
Thanks for sharing great information about is really helpful for thanks again.
Thank you very much for sharing such a informative posts.
i'm going to give this a try i would of never thought of it thanks.
hi all
thanks for posting these figures
i have been using scrapebox for a few weeks now and getting to know how it all works
my first project had the following results
32500 blogs scraped
3786 successful posts
25 links found
i have my fast poster set to 50 connections (and have just reduced this to 30)
i have my link checker set to 30 connections (just reduced to 20)
my fast poster and link checker timeouts are both set to 90secs
i am using public proxies (mostly from elite proxies)

i was pretty happy to get 10%+ successful posts but was pretty disappointed to only get 25 links found
any suggestions on how i can improve this?
am running another project now to see how these figures replicate

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