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[Tutorial] How to COMPLETELY rape/scrape a blog (blogengine blogs)

Quote: Hey guys,

I don't think this has been posted here. I've never seen it anywhere so I thought I'd post another little trick I came across with ScrapeBox tonight. I'm always optimizing my usage, a lesson learned with Xrumer - and here's a great little trick to completely rape a blog - think .edu blogs

I use this with blogengine blogs, but I'm sure it would work with everything.

You will want to scrape, spam, and immediately check for your backlinks as soon as you are done posting. This will give you a list of blogs that autopost comments. Once you have a list of a couple thousand built up, or even if you are just starting to build a list but have a few high PR or EDU domains, you can use this.

1. Open you Master Blog List or where ever you are saving your successful links. Paste all the URLS in the upper right scrapebox, box.(URL's harvested)

2. Trim to Root

3. Remove Duplicate Domains.

4. Check PR and Filter out Blogs below a certain limit. For me it's PR4 or less. Some are more picky and will do PR6 or better. Others PR2 or better. The less picky you are, the more posts you will get.

5. Copy all of those domains, and paste them in the keyword box on the left.

6. Make sure the "Blogengine" is selected if they were BE blogs, or select whatever format the original blogs were in. If you forget, use blog analyzer to find out.

7. Use proxies and hit "Start Harvesting"

8. In the Harvested URL's box will appear all of the posts from those domains that are index by the search engines you selected.

9. Remove duplicates and you should have a HUGE list of nearly 100% auto-posting blog posts to completely CRUSH a domain with backlinks to your sites. It's like being on the sites blog roll in effect.

This may not be good to use if you are only backlinking to a couple URL's, but if you are like me and backlink to parasites than this is like Gold. I normally get a 10-40 fold increase in the number of posts I can comment on. In other words, 50 blogs produces nearly 500-2000 posts to dominate that are very likely to be auto-approve since that's what you started with. Imagine if you took all 500-1000 domains and did it no matter what their pagerank was. If nothing else you pick up posts that the normal harvester left behind.

If you don't want to comment en' mass - you can then check PR of all of the posts and only comment on all of the PR3 and > posts for like... oh I don't know, .EDU blogs

Lastly, since you are bombing just a single domain, this is one case where using proxies is a DAMN GOOD idea and keep the comments very random.

This is not my tutorial, just found this in my hard drive collections.
Credit goes to the original one who create this tut.

etojoy Wrote:I will ban you if you keep promoting your forum in your signature etc. Last warning
Sorry! Newhere
Ok, i have no choice but to stay away promoting my forum.
I promise not to be an xrumer spammer here. Angel
Good information. Thanks for the post!

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