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Twitter Footprint + Geo location
First, I would like to thank Loopline for the YouTube videos, provided a great start. I am very new to Scrapebox, but I already had some nice results finding expired domains.
My question is, let's say I want to find Twitter accounts but only for people who are located in a specific region.
Let's say, I want to find people located in Germany. How would I do it? What footprint can I use?
For local SEO, the location of the twitter account matter?
Whether or not it matters depends on whether your building links or trying to engage local twitter users. I mean if your talking to users and your talking to users in Canada and your trying to get them to visit a food place in Germany, its of course not going to work.

If your just building links, then its still good to have local links, but its not abnormal to have links from abroad either.

As for footprints, you could use a standard footprint plus the word Germany, but its going to be hit or miss.

A footprint is just a compilation of content that google can index. So unless twitter specifically marks twitter accounts as being from Germany or gives some indexable content, then you can't specify it.

In other words you can only scrape google for what google has and if twitter isn't marking German twitter accounts with something that indicates its German then google won't be able to give you something that doesn't exist.

I have a video here, that may help

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