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Unable to find proxies from "harvest proxies"
Hello Admin,

This is what I do - 

Under Select Harvester and Proxies I click on Manage and I harvest the proxies - no problem.

First time I used I ran it ofr like 5 mins and I tested it...5-10 google passes proxies were tested Okay but just out of curiosity I filtered Google only proxies and retested them again. Then the result showed failed to all.

Then I thought it mightbe because I only ran it for 5 mins. This time I ran it for 4.5 hours and, got some passed google proxies, and then filtered them, again just out of curiosity I retested them and the filtered results failed again.

Thus, I am not able to harvest public google proxies.

WHat am I doing wrong here?

Hey Admin,

Gentle reminder Smile

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