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Unable to use advanced google search tags in rank tracker
(10-14-2015, 07:25 PM)loopline Wrote: That is completely different, is that the only issue? It works fine for me on all my machines/servers, and I know its working fine for many other people.

If you go into your scrapebox folder >> plugins >> rank trakcker >> projects - are the urls saved in the files for the keywords?

Yes they are (An example of one of the open files in the photo above), but i need to be able to export them along side the keywords inside the plugin. - John
I mailed support and gave them this thread, Ill post back when I get a response. You have me stumped. Smile
Support said there is no logical reason this should happen and they can’t reproduce it. They want you to please go into your scrapebox folder >> plugins > rank tracker > projects – and send them the entire project that is doing this please.

scrapeboxhelp (at] gmail [dot) com
I have done that now for you - John
I made a screen cast of the issue we are facing and showing how we have everything setup

Any news on the update? and/or was the screen cast helpfull
So your project url is


and your using keywords like

site:twitter.com "computer companies"
site:amazon.com book "computer companies"

which will only return urls from twitter and amazon etc... and never return a url from your project url, so your never going to see rankings as your url will never show up. All your essentially doing is using the rank tracker as a search engine scraper and exporting the search engine results and not rank tracking anything at all. So your just burning proxies and running in circiles for the sake of doing it.

I don't know why you would wand to do that. However the rank tracker will show the urls returned.
I have explained that the rank tracker plugin has the unique ability in your system to export keywords alongside the URL's related to it, we don't really need the rank tracking for 95% of our searches, we need the keyword/URL relationship so we can do in depth analysis and see why these URLs are ranking, otherwise we are just getting a huge list of URLs that have no context behind them. - John
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