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Vanity Name Checker Connections Issue
I'm trying to use the vanity name checker for tumblr blogs, and for some reason it will not use more than 1 thread/connection at a time.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I have changed the number of connections in the settings, but it never does more than 1 connection. I've also changed the max connections in the definitions and still no change. Please help!

Tumblr bans Ips very quickly so there is a delay set with it. When there is a delay the vanity checker only uses 1 connection. You can edit the tumblr engine in the addon and remove the delay, then it will use however many connections you set. Just bear in mind you might burn all your IPs very quickly.
OK. Thanks for explaining. I was hoping I could use multiple connections but having a delay on each, but it sounds like it's not that possible.
No, but if you have say 15 proxies you could try 1 or 2 connections with no delay. I mean ultimately you have to find the sweet spot where you can set the connections to a point that as it rotates thru the proxies it has enough of a delay just from rotating thru the proxies, that it doesn't ban the ips.
Makes sense. I have 35 back connect proxies that rotate every 10min, so I'll see what I can come up with on those. Again, thanks for the tips.
Sounds good, you can probably get pretty aggressive with back connection proxies. Your welcome.

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