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What is alternate of adsense
What is alternate of adsense?

recently one of my friend got banned from google adsense program. and he want to know is there any good alternate for adsense
he tried chitika, smowtion, adbrite, but all are not paying good amout as google adsense ...

if any one know, please let me know..

thnx in advanceAngel
Try the following options.

Payment ProcedureTongueayments are based on net 15 terms on a bi-weekly schedule. You will have the chance to receive your payments either by check or Paypal and the minimum payout is $50.

Payment: Minimum payout of $10 is offers. Offers both Check and Paypal Methods for payment.

Payment: They pay you either by Wire transfer, Automated Clearing House ($400 min) or paypal ($50 min).

Kontera & Luminate are also good options.
Hello Every One !!!! Actually there is nothing great like google adsense ads for publishers , but still there are several alternatives like text link ads, link worth,yahoo publisher network,pay per post, about pay pal, flixya, my lot, agloco, join advertlets, trial pay etc.
In my opinion affiliate marketing is better then any other advertisement program.

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