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what is the best techniques of seo ?
what is the best techniques of seo ?

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At this current moment, owning your own high PR network
There are 7 best techniques of seo are,
1.Optimizing your title tags
2.Create compelling meta descriptions
3.Utilizing the keywords
4.Add ALT tags to images
5.creating a sitemap
6.To build a internal links between pages.
7.Update your site regularly.
There are so many and just google it and you will be presented with hundreds of ways.
You need to do a lot of readings to learn SEO!

Some best techniques of SEO:-
Build a great web site
Make SEO-friendly URLs
Optimize Title Tag
Optimize Meta Tags
Use a unique and relevant title and meta description on every page
Create great, unique content
Use your keywords as anchor text when linking internally
Create a sitemap & Robot.txt
The most basic is always great content. because it will attract more people to come into your pages but, marketing is also important. If you have a business, maybe considering local search engine ranking would be good, here is a few tips you can see for how to ranking in local search engine

use the lexical field of your main keyword correctly.

For exemple, if you have a garage site your website must contains the keywords : automobile, drain, engine ...

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