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what is the good SEO tools for blog comment

as the subject,what is the good SEO tools for blog comment do you use it?
i use comment hut,but it has problem, its free version shows only few sites from the list.do you know any other software for blog comment?
thank you in advance
Hello Every One !!!!
Dear there are several methods of good SEO tools for blog comments. Make a wiki page for your blog. Use a forum plug-in to create a forum for your blogs readers to talk and discuss related issues. Talk about or if you can interview a trusted person in your niche...
I think a very simple tool for blog commenting is Your question or answer related to the topic.
Did you tried Scrapebox ?
Free blog commenter and fast blog commenter are some seo tools for blog commenting.
I think manually blog comment is better then to use any tools..
Some webmaster say blog commenting is not use ful now a day , Is it Right ? If yes Than Why ? Can anyone explain ?
Because do-follow blog comments gives quality back links for our site.
Hi guys,.
I am Doing Manually Link building Not Automated and i am using only Scrapbox for any automated order.
As we know using any tool for link building is not good for SEO purposes however, we can use those tools which help in finding resources but we have to post content or comment manually.

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