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where to buy fast proxies these days.
Hy I know this is may be not the question which I should ask here but I have no idea where to buy today fast proxies and really need that for scrapebox and for an other email scraper which I wrote in node.js.

So I wrote this email scraper for project I am doing and I will use that one and scrapebox in conjunction. I bought 20 private proxies so far from just to try out, but they are really slow. when I make a request via those I get back the html of the website in 6-10 seconds or more.

Can you advice me where to buy good quality proxies or what to pay attention on?
Thanks for all of your answers
The providers I use and recommend are here

I get almost all my proxies these days from the "buy proxies" listed there. Most of them test out at less then 1 second on speed, like much less then 1 second test speeds.

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