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where to filter page rank in latest version of scrapebox
i am new here , i have latest version scrape box i donot understand where and how i filter my page rank please tell. Newhere
Google shut down page rank almost 2 years ago now.

Google shut down page rank values in early 2016. So they no longer shared page rank, if they even use it internally.

The last google page rank update was in 2013 anyways. Google has said for years that there may never be another update.

Most people considered page rank dead a long time ago with no updates in years. However google has finally buried it completely by removing the values returned.

So google now returns no values for page rank. This is not just for Scrapebox its for every tool in existence. Given that the values were so out dated most people will probably see better results by switching away from the long dead PR value anyway.

That said you use the Page Authority Addon in Scrapebox, which uses MOZ data. Here is a video I did:

Also in the V2.0.0.63 update of Scrapebox they introduced the option to use Yandex TIC as a metric. You can see it on the main scrapebox window in the upper right hand quadrant, where the page rank button used to be. If you have not updated, please update to the latest version of Scrapebox.
i want to know about that can scrapebox helps in these type of link to get on top for an hour
I have no idea what you are asking. Can you please clarify?
hard to understand what you mean

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