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which domain registrar is best
hello, from where you mostly purchase domain, or which domain registrar is cheap and best..

i use internet bs . name silo..

,share yours..
namecheap.com - domains are cheap, and they give you free identity protection for a year
Namecheap, the prices are perfectly reasonable and their administration pages are easy to understand and use.
Hello Guys !!! I've been using a Godaddy reseller for years and have had no problems.What sort of email do I get with the domain ? 1 and 1 offer free forwarding, but if you want to run a full email interface, you will have to pay extra.
Thank you! I will use your link to purchase domains.
namesilo.com are great for high PR networks or domains in general.

Very cheap domains and you get privacy protection for life Smile
namecheap, have been using them for years without issues! 100% satisfied.
Best is godaddy.com - they are cheapest.
You can go through Godaddy

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