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which url is better for my keywords?
if i try to rank for the keywords:

"cheap flights" and "flights prices"

and my site url is:

www. cheap-prices . com

should my page be:

www. cheap-prices . com/ cheap-flights prices .htm


www. cheap-prices . com/ flight .htm

i have read keyword must be in URL...
so 1st one is better..
i also heard that url must be small..
i am little bit confused in this matter..

Today, even the six-year-olds know, content is king of the Internet. If you have good content, search engines will find your site faster, people will visit this site more often, you will enjoy the targeted traffic.

The most popular strategy to get wider publicity for the content of your site article submission. Perhaps you have tried. If not, go to any search engine submission keyword "articles" or "Article Submission" and you will see specialized articles and pages submitted by ten thousand tons.
I use market samuri to measure the traffic, competition, and commerciallity of each keyword. It has been really helpful. There is a section in there to find and publish content from sites like ezinearticles. It has helped me nicely.
Without any doubt you can go for the first option.
As long as you can optimize your website well for the search engines you need not have to worry much about the domain. You can select anyone of them.
Yes first option is better. I will suggest you to go with forst option that is mentioned below.
www. cheap-prices . com/ cheap-flights prices .htm.
Guys, thanks for the tips!

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