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Why I use hrefer instead of a scrapebox
So, whenever I put my proxies through proxy checker and google test scrapebox says its okay. I harvest somewhat wordpress blogs and I still get that everything's good and scrapebox is doing its job. However, whenever I enter one or more complicated queries, for instance 'vanilla face inurl:"showthread.php?t="' everything suddently drops dead. And when I google this phrase it asks me to solve captcha, which isn't seen by scrapebox unblock mod.

Now, why I use hrefer? Hrefer has one huge advantage (the only advantage why I prefer it rather than SB at the moment) - it can steal cookies out of the browser. Can anyone guess how much time did I parse google without captchas after entering one image code and sharing IE cookie with hrefer? Cmon, take a guess. THREE EFFING HOURS. WITH 10 PRIVATE PROXIES. Thats right, if I enter one captcha and take cookies I can parse google for three hours non stop.

Why am I sharing it in this forum? Everyone knows that scrapebox is faster than hrefer. And I bet that if scrapebox could it would parse 3x more than hrefer in these three hours.

So, the suggestion is, wouldn't it be smart for scrapebox to steal cookies as well?

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