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Woman lifts veil and man must be taken to the hospital
'Admiring eyes' send fiancé to hospital?
Man collapsed and was taken to hospital on seeing would-be wife

[Image: deucebigaloweuropeangigolo.jpg]

By Staff
Published Tuesday, October 04, 2011
A young Saudi man who proposed to a girl from another tribe used his right under local traditions in the Gulf kingdom to see her face before getting engaged to her.

Once she lifted her face veil, he was rushed to hospital.

Relatives said they believe the man was struck by the girls 'admiring eyes' because of his handsome features. But such an explanation did not conform to the sad ending of the story the man decided to cancel the engagement.

Having agreed on all details of the wedding, the unnamed man had requested family permission to see the face of his would-be bride. They took him to her house and her family asked her to show him her face moments after he saw it, the man started to sweat and feel breathing difficultyhe then collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, 'Sharq' Arabic language daily said in a report from the southwestern town of Baha.

At the hospital, he received first aid while the girls father brought a bottle of water and splashed it on the young mans facea while later, he started to feel better and told her father that he would not go ahead with the engagement on the grounds that what happened to him made him realise that life is precious.

Poor guy could not take it, he saw the face of a woman not part of his family for the first time in his life.

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