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YouTube and SB
Would SB help a YouTube Channel or video, if so how would it be best employed?
Does anyone use Scrapebox to promote their YT Channel/Video?
sure you could, I mean you could try faking views with the browser based ping and some private proxies or you could try building links to the video to help its rank or there are lots of othter things. But your kind of asking it backwards.

What you want to ask is

how do I help my video rank

Then once you figure it out and can do it manually and understand it, then you say

how can scrapebox help me automate this.

So your kind of putting the cart before the horse as it were with your question the way it was.
Thanks for that, I will gently try your suggestion on browser based pings.
yeah. Worst case what I do is pick a random video thats not doing anything, someones video that has nothing to lose, lose subscribers to their channel and low views on the video and test on that and watch the ranks/views.

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