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  Best Way To Locate Emails
Posted by: bigtex59 - 03-19-2018, 03:31 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (3)

Loopline, love your contributions here!  Thank you for that!

I'm new to Scrapebox and am looking to learn.

I want to locate email addresses for restaurants in various metro markets.  For example, I would like to find email addresses for the 14,000 or so restaurants in the great DFW area.  I have the list of the restaurant names and addresses, but not the email address nor their URLs.

How would you go about finding these emails?  Would you run the URL harvester from the list of business names first and then scrape that list of harvested URLs?  Would you include their full address when harvesting URLs?  How many URLs would you harvest for each business?  Once you have the URLs, how many levels would you search for the emails?

I'm just looking to learn how to best use Scrapebox and how to build the best email list possible.


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  Contact poster
Posted by: chaplin35 - 03-14-2018, 02:34 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (3)


Is it possible to post something like this via the Contact Us forms using Contact Forms poster:

Your website %yourdomainname% looks very cool, keep up the good work!




So can the Contact Forms poster extract the domain name where it's posting and add it to the message?

Additionally, I'm testing the poster on one of my WP sites. Up to now, it has been coming up with Failed general/unknown message but actually, the email comes through. Obviously I don't mind that the messages are coming through, but ideally I'd like to see a correct message to know the actual success rate.


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  How to filter User's Local Blacklist for subdomains
Posted by: scrapefreak - 02-28-2018, 07:01 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (3)

I am trying to filter my list with the User's Blacklist and delete all wordpress.com subdomains. I tried adding *.wordpress.com or .wordpress.com but I still see wordpress subdomains on my list. How can I do this?

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  ScrapeBox detail harvested stuck after 19 queries
Posted by: yann_scrapebox - 02-25-2018, 11:01 AM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (2)

Hello all,
I'm a happy user of this wonderful software.
I have purchased 22 private proxies at MPP and I'm trying to use the detail harvester with a list of 1300 keywords expressions with queries like this :

name1 surname1 photo
name2 surname2 photo

I put only 1 engine, a delay of 120 seconds and a maximum of 4 results per query. I think this could be enough for Google (I only use this search engine, no other).
When I perform a search, I can do 19 search and then Scrapebox tries every proxy in my list and fails to return any result for the next searchs. 
I thought that Google blocked my IPs, but when I scramble the keyword in my list and begin a new search again, Scrapebox manages to obtain 4 results for every of the 19 first queries and then is stuck again looping among proxies before failing to return any results.
I don't know if it's a Google, Proxy or Scrapebox issue ??

Thanks a lot for any help you can provide.
Have a nice sunday.

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  Autosave Proxies File only works once
Posted by: ClintN - 02-23-2018, 11:11 AM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (1)

Hey there,

I've been playing around with this for a week now & feel stumped. I'm testing harvested proxies, and set ProxyManager Configuration's function to "Autosave Proxies File" every 30 seconds.

My scrapebox installation(s) save the first iteration of proxies to the file on the first 30 seconds, and that's it. So it will save half a dozen in the file, however hours later with 1000's of Anon Proxies scraped the designated file still only has the original half a dozen.

Am I missing setting?

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  Custome date scrapeber
Posted by: blitzme - 02-21-2018, 02:10 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (1)

Hi, i would like to find video about how to scrape custome date via google and bong, but cant find, any help ?

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  Help with custom crawler
Posted by: Nosh - 02-19-2018, 01:01 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (6)

Hi everybody,
I´m trying to scrape german Amazon Sellers with the Custom Crawler.

I get the CEO Names and the VAT ID but not the company name and the email. 
Any body can help me?

One example URL:


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  How do you scrape for webpages with your backlink efficiently??
Posted by: kevinmac - 02-13-2018, 04:44 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (2)

I have a problem. I am a little new to Scrapebox but I am learning. I am trying to scrape for all web pages that have a backlink to my website. I tried the method of "check links" but I notice that a lot of the results that I get are not the page where my link is for example, I get a lot of these "www.somesite.com/signup". How do I only get results for the actual page that has my link only?

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  403 Error when harvesting anything
Posted by: Simonboy - 02-11-2018, 08:41 PM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (5)


I'm not sure if anyone has posted an answer to this (if so please redirect me), but for the past day I can't seem to harvest anything. SB was working great for me for the past couple of months and now when I try to use Rapid Indexer, Grab emails, or pull anything from my list of urls, I get 403 and Timed Out errors. I tried 10 new proxies, and it didn't help. I tried maxing the timeout-didn't help.

Can anyone assist? Why am I suddenly getting these errors with all my harvesting?

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  Autosave passed proxies to file issue
Posted by: ClintN - 02-09-2018, 10:12 AM - Forum: General ScrapeBox Talk - Replies (1)

Hey there,

My ProxyManager Configuration's function to "Autosave Proxies File" actually deletes the designated empty file upon running the test proxies function.

I can trick scrapebox to not deleting the file, by having all of the proxies to be tested saved to the file by scrapebox first. However when running the text proxies function the file size does not change (increase) every 60 seconds, therefore I can only assume that this is not working.

Are there any other setting that could be preventing this from working properly

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