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Steve Jobs is dead! - etojoy - 10-08-2011

[Image: sj89_03.jpg]

Wow, didn't see this coming. I thought he would make it through.


I love Steve Jobs Speech here it is, it's very inspirational:

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RE: Steve Jobs is dead! - wilsondavid - 12-30-2011

It is the very bad news for Apple that Steve jobs is dead. He can lead the whole Apple company and take it to top on world's top IT company. And he can do many more about Apple products and services.

RE: Steve Jobs is dead! - Edward11 - 01-11-2012

He is a biggest loss of this century.He should be ideal of young generation.

RE: Steve Jobs is dead! - shanebob - 02-23-2012

When I have hear this news I am feeling so odd. Because he was one of the great person who had invented such a great devices which help the people to live their life very easily. He was very hard worker who was always work behind to find something new.

RE: Steve Jobs is dead! - Adams - 03-14-2012

I do agree with you Edward.That he must be the ideal of young generation.We should open universities on the name of Steve Job.

RE: Steve Jobs is dead! - wcrystal - 06-23-2013

I wonder how Apple will now share his chair ....