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Deathbycaptcha problems - duns - 01-20-2012

I recently tried using scrapebox. First I tried to verify my de-captcher account with scrapebox and it seems to be having problems connection to the account (probably decaptchers fault)

Then I tried deathbycaptcha and it was working and showed my correct balance, so I submitted some money and started a list to try it out.

I notice that every singe time it gets to a captcha, it acts like its getting the captcha, and then it just displays "Failed, Captcha" and moves on.

Now this list I have been running have failed well over 100 captcha's now, and I logged into my deathbycaptcha account and it has not used a single credit. Do I need to do something different to get deathbycaptcha working besides just entering my login/pass and verifying that it connects to my account?

RE: Deathbycaptcha problems - pro-tech - 04-10-2012

i have the same problems!