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Facebook or Google Plus - nanexo - 04-10-2012

Hello everyone at sbf..

who is facebooker..

i use facebook daily , about 3 to 4 hours regularly..
it is pretty cool than google plus, i also use G+ but, not on regular basis..
just use G+ only on sunday..
i like some features are G+ , which are still absent in Facebook. like you can edit your post/comments any time in google plus, but this is absent in FB...

Notification are of G+ is really annoying, i still could not get how it works.. Smile

RE: Facebook or Google Plus - nanexo - 04-12-2012

wow, great!! just found that , google plus has been changed, new interface is really awesome. now it looks better..

RE: Facebook or Google Plus - vijay - 07-03-2012

There will inevitably be different views on the individual circumstances of each social networking site. Google is trying to sell their alternative social networking sites and more people see what the choice. Users will be able to choose their "circle of friends, you can see some content. This can be seen in order to better privacy settings. It will be difficult, although they had driven out of Facebook. Facebook has become the social networking sites by default, in much the same way, Google has become the default search engine. Google Plus has some advantages, many people are likely to stick with Facebook, in part because their friends are. In the voice option, Facebook and Skype announced that they agree, they can restrict the user to switch to Google's opportunity.

RE: Facebook or Google Plus - jacobm - 07-10-2012

Google plus is good but this time Facebook is popular and it is good.

RE: Facebook or Google Plus - MkStuff - 08-05-2012

Well, Facebook is on top today and it would remain on top for few years as well........

RE: Facebook or Google Plus - Andrew81 - 09-19-2012

I like Facebook more than Google+. I always spend some of my time in facebook regularly.

RE: Facebook or Google Plus - Darkstar - 12-18-2012

I have account on number of social networking websites but I like Facebook, it's awesome and easy to use.

RE: Facebook or Google Plus - Revend - 03-28-2013

I am also using Facebook but not Google plus. If Google plus has changed then its really a good news for everyone. I think everybody should try it to see its new feature and style.

RE: Facebook or Google Plus - wcrystal - 06-23-2013

Very much I love Google +! It is also used by all my friends. Join now!