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Backlink analyser tools - nanexo - 04-12-2012


h r u ..

i just want to know , is there nay free backlink analyzer tool available on internet?

If yes, then please share with me, i am in need of this..

RE: Backlink analyser tools - Starbuck - 04-18-2012


there are some free analyzers but you'll never get the same depth of information you get from pro tools...
Maybe just get pro tool test accounts?
or try

Other than that I only know german tools Undecided

RE: Backlink analyser tools - Dunks4111 - 04-19-2012

could you share the german tools they would be fine to use wouldnt they??

RE: Backlink analyser tools - Edgar Ferrara - 04-19-2012

I have been using scrapebox for a few weeks, I just got the paid auto approve list. how long does it take for the backlinks to register?

RE: Backlink analyser tools - Starbuck - 04-19-2012

I prefer this one
Xovi and Searchmetrics have free trial versions, but you have to register first: and here
Also found: by SEOmoz,,
Or try the firefox plugin Backlink Explorer!

RE: Backlink analyser tools - nanexo - 04-25-2012

nice tool starbuck..

checking your links

btw, i already know

but this is costly Sad is also good tool..

RE: Backlink analyser tools - Darkstar - 06-07-2012

Free backlink checker tools -,,

RE: Backlink analyser tools - jonbarak - 06-15-2012

Hello Friends !!!! I personally use yahoo site explorer. But unfortunately yahoo site explorer was closed recently. So, i can only suggest backlinkwatch site which is quite good for backlink tools and it is free to use.You can also check the backlink manually.

RE: Backlink analyser tools - robinthoms2 - 07-02-2012

Has any one used link assitent ?? it is the best seo software to check back links , but its not free Sad

RE: Backlink analyser tools - MkStuff - 08-05-2012

You can also use it is too popular for checking backlink of any website or web pages..