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Rapid Indexer - Seotop - 05-24-2012

Hi, guys! I didn't know how to use this addon the proper way, but after checking many tips and video-tuts on this issue I revealed all the questions.

Anyway I have only one question - where can I get ping sites (I mean exactly statistics sites so on...) to load it in this addon? I would be appriciate for a list or some footprints to scrape such ones.

Thank's in advance!

RE: Rapid Indexer - JohnnyDebt - 06-19-2012

Yes I too have a similar problem. I did manage to find a 33K and a 5K list, but when I tried to use it with SB it failed to recognise the list.

RE: Rapid Indexer - nbk5291 - 07-17-2012

Should give you everything you need in that post