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Ping an url in a page - Pat - 10-19-2010

I understood how "Ping" a page, no problem it's here , but i have a problem.

I don't know how "Ping" an url in a page.

For example

It's a directory. The adress of the page is - and I'd like raise hits for example .....

[Image: sanstitre1pc.jpg]

So , I put in Websites

But what must I put in Sites to Ping

I tried many solutions but it never worked

[Image: sanstitre2wp.gif]

Must I see the code ?

For example :
Quote:<a class="_blank" onmousedown="return clk('144');" href="" title="Children Shopping Supplies & Children Products">
<img src="" alt="Children Shopping Supplies & Children Products" width="120" height="90">

Thank a lot.

RE: Ping an url in a page - s4nt0s - 10-26-2010

I think it uses java when you click vote, I doubt its going to work. I know the basics of HTML but I'm definitely not a coder so don't quote me on that. Why not email support at [email protected] and ask them directly? Or just link them to this thread and I'm sure she'll answer for you.

RE: Ping an url in a page - venburns - 11-02-2010

it looks like it is POSTing to :

It gets the id of the POST from the javascript, so I doubt you could just do:

You might be able to game it by creating a form on your own URL that posts to that url like this:

<form method="post" id="form" action="">
<input type="hidden" name="id" value="2119" />
<input type="submit" name="submit" />

RE: Ping an url in a page - SEORasta - 11-04-2010

You can actual go to and there is a FF plugin that lets you PING any websites you go to (so yes your own sites and anywhere within your site) and ping it.

RE: Ping an url in a page - Melvin - 03-14-2011

sites like pingfarm and pingomatic helps you to ping your websites...

RE: Ping an url in a page - Seotop - 05-23-2012

Pat, voting system on that site is JavaScript ruled so you won't ping it with help of SB... (