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SEO tools vs Google - CharlesWillson - 10-25-2013

In the past an SEO's job was very simple. hurl a couple of connections here, hurl a couple of connections there, splash some content round and shoehorn your keywords in at every opportunity. Those days are over for the most part and, in my opinion, all for the better! Since Google's most recent algorithm revisions the SEO community has had to look for alternate connection sources and re-think how to goal sheets in consider to the content of sites.

Since the Google Penguin update most SEO's have moved away from poor value directories and spammy sites when acquiring connections. In their location, they now gaze for higher value link causes. Why have they done that? Well, because rather a lot of large sites taking part in poor value link construction have had either a direct or indirect rankings punishment. It isn't just significant that SEO's have halted looking for and getting poor quality links. It is also significant that the a site's connection building annals be looked at and cleansed up.

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RE: SEO tools vs Google - AmySilverberg - 10-16-2014

I agree with you. After the latest Google Penguin update most of the SEO tasks improve and the standard of SEO is also increased.

RE: SEO tools vs Google - dink - 10-16-2014

Yep I also agree, however, spamming the hell out of sites does still work. Take a look at this post on Matthew Woodward's blog here:

Its just not a very sustainable strategy and very dangerous for your business if you handle seo for clients.

RE: SEO tools vs Google - randruin - 11-09-2016

i think spammy thing will still work anytime, but because no matter what, search engine is based on link. the more link you can get the better it be.
so what we need to do is get a little of spam and more reasonable links.