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Social Account Scraper Socket Error # 10054 - delta - 12-21-2017

Hey guys - I've come across this now on two seperate machines running independant versions of SB - see images.

I've disabled both firewalls, antivirus and any other programs that may interfere. 

I've tested using My VPN, with and without

no proxies/plus proxies (no VPN)

VPN plus proxies and without

It gets to a certain point and then all i get is socket errors..... boom!

I've tried with lowering threads to 5, changing the timeouts etc... nothing seems to work.

Ive tried by removing some urls, then running again and it appears to get to a point and then just all socket errors... so it appears something is terminating the connections somewhere.

One machine is Windows 10 and the other is windows server 2008