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New problem with harvester - wolfatadfilm - 09-12-2018

I have a strange problem with the "custom" harvester- I want to scrape basic Google search results. Proxies are enabled, tested with Google, timeouts and connections checked. No "server proxies" or similar.
When I select platforms and enter a keyword, scraping works as usual
But when I select Custom Footprint and either leave it empty or just enter a general keyword (like about or cart) and then start the harvester, just waits at 0% and then after some time shows 0 results found, no matter what engines I select.
Observation: the "Footprints" number at the bottom of the harvester shows 0, even when I've selected a custom footprint.

Does anyone else have the same problem? I could swear it worked 3 days ago.... Do I need to just reinstall?

RE: New problem with harvester - loopline - 09-13-2018

I would reinstall, It sounds like a setting is off.

You can download scrapebox from here:

Unzip it to a folder on your desktop or in your documents folder. (if you are on windows)

It works fine for me and nothing has changed.