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Simple Question - Michaelvg - 02-22-2020

Does anyone know how long the plugins take to activate once one is paid for?

RE: Simple Question - loopline - 02-22-2020

12 hours or less, unless you paid for them with a different mail then is assocaited with your license. If so then mail support and then its 24 hours or less.

RE: Simple Question - Michaelvg - 02-23-2020

Ok thank you for that, it cleared within the hour...

RE: Simple Question - antoni - 04-18-2020

Hello guys !
this is the first time i used scrapebox but when i try to open it
it has a little problem like this
"Downloading geoip databases"
i already wait around 20 minutes but still loading ?
can someone tell me how to resolve this problem ?


RE: Simple Question - loopline - 04-20-2020

That means something is blocking scrapebox from accessing and downloading the required files. Make sure you add an exception for the entire scrapebox folder in all security software.