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TheBestIndexer Free Testing - Kaine - 03-09-2020

Hello everyone, we are pleased to present TBI, The Best Indexer backlinks indexing site. We are currently in beta testing and during this time all our services are free!
We will ask those who take advantage of it to give us feedback that we can then post directly on the website :

For any questions or requests, please comment directly below.

Thank you all and good indexing !

RE: TheBestIndexer Free Testing - Kaine - 03-21-2020

Our backlink indexing service, TheBestIndexer is still free but not for very long. If you want to test our indexing rate this is the right time!

RE: TheBestIndexer Free Testing - Kaine - 05-04-2020

The tests are over and the feedback on the GSA forum is complimentary, we most certainly have the best indexing service of this generation with sometimes up to 100% indexing rate!

RE: TheBestIndexer Free Testing - Kaine - 08-03-2020

We are the only backlink indexing service that works on Google, Bing and Yandex!