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Harvester Search engine - dominik123 - 06-28-2020

I would like to build up a engine in Harvester to search for one keyword in several magazines ... Is there a way to search multiple websites at once like my example?

“[keyword] site:[website] OR site:[otherwebsite] [keyword] site:[website] OR site:[otherwebsite]”

RE: Harvester Search engine - loopline - 06-29-2020

You could put a footprint like that in for google sure. But you would not train an engine, just search google for that.

RE: Harvester Search engine - serialscraper - 08-28-2020

Usually the keywords are within the url's, if this is the case with the magazines, you could simply use the link extractor addon and apply a filter to coincide with your keyword/s. Then you could use the premium article scraper to grab the articles.