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Random Referrers - marcoTX - 02-19-2011


I'm a little confused by the way the ping feature works

It reads every line in the referrer list and use it to send a fake ping to every line in the destination line. I think it's bad.

I would like to give a list of all possible referrers and SB chooses randomly one of them for each ping.

If i want 10 pings, i want each of the ten chosen randomly in the referrer list, not every line in the list used 10 times as a referrer.

So is there a spinning-like syntax to tell SB to choose randomly a URL as referrer ?

Something like {ref1|ref2|ref3} in the referrer file ?

That would be great, because if you want to send a few pings everyday to an url and not use the same referrer url every time, you just can't.

RE: Random Referrers - s4nt0s - 02-19-2011

Hmm I don't believe there is a spinning feature for the referrer list but that is definitely a great idea. If I was you I'd suggest it to Sweetfunny (creator of scrapebox). She's implemented a few of my suggestions in the past. Shoot her an email at [email protected]

RE: Random Referrers - marcoTX - 02-20-2011

I need send an email, thanks !